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French Fridays with Dorie: Gorgonzola-Apple Quiche

Those of you who have read my last two posts might be wondering if there were going to be many French Fridays in my future for the next few months. How is alternating weeks of protein shakes/minimal dairy/minimal carbs and meaty meals/meatly … Continue reading

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Cheese Stuffed “Black” and Blue Burgers

For a while, I worked a second job on the weekends at a gourmet grocery/butcher/wine shop/cheese store/deli/coffee bar/caterers (A little something for everyone who could shell out the clams 😉 ). Originally my job was to assist in managing catering jobs … Continue reading

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New Year’s Catch Up: Part 1 Italy Dinner

D and I were just standing side by side looking into the fridge, pointing to various leftover items, just to make sure we know what all was in there to eat. D: So let me get this straight, we have … Continue reading

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