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Carrot Cake Martini

  We served these cocktails at Easter dinner 2013. Thinking I might blog about the dinner, a small miracle occurred and I actually wrote down the ingredients. Then of course, garden, garden, work, work, garden and well here we are … Continue reading

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My Sweet Southern Santa

My first foray back into blogging is not a new recipe, but a combination of what my husband’s folk would call a “humble brag” and a reading recommendation.  Many of you may not know that my birthday falls shortly after … Continue reading

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Spiced Peartini

Inspired by Trevor’s suggestion to use the poaching liquid from the spice poached pears in a drink, I present to you The Spiced Peartini. 2 shots of homemade pear “vodka” 1/2 shot, more or less, of spiced pear poaching reduction … Continue reading

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Dinner Diary: The morning after the day before

[This is a long post, but when you get close to the end, there is a new sangria recipe…] I should have taken a picture of the hosts’ kitchen last night around 11PM. It’s always like this after a big … Continue reading

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Watermelon Sangria

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, after making this Summer Salad and then eating a couple of more slices of watermelon over the next two days the rest of the melon sat in my fridge untouched. For more than two weeks. Eating the … Continue reading

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White Wine Sangria

It’s the last of the Topsail weekend recipes. I’d say I was sad, but it’s just not possible for me to be sad thinking about white wine sangria. For many years I worked at Beans and Barley a café, catering company, … Continue reading

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CSA’s, Chard, and Beets

Last year we got our vegetables from a local organic Community Supported Agriculture farm program at Timberwood Farms. We loved it: only the time committment of my new job (no time to cook till now!) prevented us from renewing. I’ve … Continue reading

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