This Week at the Farmers Market

Fresh young summer squash are already in the markets!


It was a beautiful day for the Apex Farmer’s Market this past weekend, sunny, no chance of rain. Last week the market was closed due to PeakFest, our town’s annual street fair and the farmer’s market space is used for a stage and entertainment area. I didn’t miss the market last week – we still had veggies left over from the big shopping trip for Easter dinner. One of the best things about buying farm fresh produce is that it lasts longer, so if you over purchase, you will have a longer timeframe to use them up. D joined me on my weekly shopping this week, hopefully not just because of the promise of Sol Tacos. 🙂 But, yes, there were tacos.

D's tacos: chuck burger on fresh tortillas

D’s tacos: chuck burger on fresh tortillas

We picked up a whole chicken from Andreas Homestead to use for a stew later in the week.  We got another jar of pear preserves from Natural Choice, which are great served with soft cheese (really, any cheese!).  Natural Choice makes all natural German mustard as well as preserves.  D and one of the owners had a long chat about Paul McCartney, Wings, the Beatles while we waited for our freshly made tacos.

Breakfast in a taco

Breakfast in a taco

The tacos were really good: My breakfast version had spicy salsa, black beans, ham, cheese and eggs and D’s chuck burger tacos are an American-Latino hybrid of a cheeseburger and taco. Doug’s only complaint is that he likes his burger meat more well-seasoned, but otherwise great. And they make their own fresh flour tortillas, of which D got to eat mine covered in salsa as well since I ate the breakfast innards out of it.


The entire market smelled intoxicatingly of strawberries. I picked up some zucchini to turn into “noodles” with the julienne cutter, some cabbage and squash possibly for a stirfry, and a head of romaine lettuce for salads and lettuce wraps. Produce vendors had:


Cabbage (likely the remainder from the winter/fall)

Cucumbers, pickle variety

Green beans

Lettuce, heads of romaine and leaf

Onions, larger ones than the spring version


Squash, yellow summer squash



Zucchini were going fast

Zucchini were going fast


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