Easy Dinner: Grilled Flank Steak and Asparagus

Eat asparagus while it's still in season locally.

Eat asparagus while it’s still in season locally.

There is a book on my nightstand (that I will be writing about in the near future) where the author suggests that home cooks would do well to work more like professional cooks and 1) plan meals for 1-2 weeks 2) shop once, weekly or bi-weekly, based on that plan 3) spend an hour or two on Sunday pre-cooking many items for the weekly meals. This makes a lot of sense. Especially if you are adapting to a new way of eating or trying to eat more whole foods. Eating out is less of an option and those without plans tend to eat off plan…

But sometimes you just need a quick meal on a weeknight with little thought. I hesitate to call this a recipe. Think of it as a starting point. Grilled meats and vegetables are flavorful on their own, with just salt and freshly ground pepper (yes, I like mine rare to medium rare.) If you have extra time, you can embellish the basics with:

Vinaigrette: Favorite oil, favorite vinegar, salt pepper, a bit of Dijon mustard. Shake. Sneak peek: The Dorie recipe this week calls for walnut oil, olive oil, sherry vinegar, and Dijon. Vinaigrette dressings keep for weeks, so make extra and use on salads, grilled vegetables or as a marinate for the steak.

Pesto: This easy one that accompanied the bean and artichoke ragout at Easter is just herbs, garlic and oil. Pesto without dairy or nuts will keep quite a while in the fridge, but any version can be frozen ice cube trays and placed in a bag, or in small containers in the freezer for later use.

Avocado: Tastes great with grilled meats, especially lean ones, and grilled veggies. My Dad used to put slices of avocado on pizza (Trust me. Fantastic) A squeeze of lime and a dash of salt and you have the essence of guacamole.


Salt and pepper your meat. Add a dash or two of olive oil to the cleaned and washed asparagus, then some salt and pepper. Let them sit a bit to absorb. Heat your grill. Cook items to desired doneness. Hardest part is keeping the asparagus from falling through the grill when you turn it. Don’t overcook the steak or the asparagus. Both will keep cooking briefly when they come off the grill. If you are using flank steak, be sure to cut against the grain so it is tender. Top leftovers with an egg for breakfast.


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Love to eat, cook, write. Try to think of witty things to say about the world but my thoughts are consumed by food. Mostly.
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