Post a Day Challenge

The raw materials for my blog, er, garden...

The raw materials for my blog, er, garden…

As my 6 loyal followers can attest, my blog has been a wasteland this past year with a single sad post from February of 2013. Rather than give you all a long explanation, let’s just say that one cannot have two masters, or in my case two hobbies. The garden got all my attention last year and while I continued to cook, (now) grow a lot of my own vegetables, and taste delicious things, writing and photographing all but stopped. There are some very positive things to say about simply enjoying the food, and land and company around you. As there are for sharing those good things in the hopes they inspire others.

Today while considering if my blog needed a new look (yes? no?) I posted a challenge to some of my online friends to consider joining me in renewing their commitment and doing a daily blog post like my friend Jill did last year. (Humm, commitment. That sounds like there should be some sort of ceremony…) I don’t know if I should thank or curse BB of BB’s Blog, but she picked up the gauntlet I threw down, with a “Let’s get medieval on this.”

Look for food related posts to begin post-haste. Fortunately, in the last year I have continued to collect cookbooks, meet food authors, garden, buy kitchen tools, cook, eat, and occasionally remember to photograph and scrawl some notes about ingredients. We shall see what that nets us.


About Tasty Mayhem

Love to eat, cook, write. Try to think of witty things to say about the world but my thoughts are consumed by food. Mostly.
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2 Responses to Post a Day Challenge

  1. Jill says:

    Awesome! Now I won’t have to wait for your Christmas letter to know what’s going on with you. Posting every day was great for the first half of the month and then got harder, but it was a good kick in the butt to get my blog going.


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