French Fridays with Dorie: Potato Chip Tortilla

I can still remember the first frittata I ever saw and ate: My friend/former co-worker Fulvio pulled a giant cast iron pan the size of a garbage can lid out of the oven which looked to be filled with a casserole. Later, he loosened the sides and flipped out the entire dish onto a platter and cut a wedge. What was found inside was more of a giant baked omelet  filled with eggs, potatoes and seasonings. I’ve since had many a version of this (my favorite filled with with artichokes) and have tasted the Spanish tortilla version as well. My baked egg dishes found on this blog are all versions of the original dish – using leftover bits of vegetables and meats bound together simple with eggs and seasonings.

Dorie’s version of a tortilla originated with Jean-Francois Piege and uses crushed potato chips in place of the traditional cubes of potato. Now, I know what you are thinking, I just got back to mostly health eating (well, ok, except for that giant basket of Godivia chocolates the neighbor sent us, oh, and the box of chocolates at work, but other than that…) and potatoes are not on the menu, let alone chips! Well, a few months back I did buy a bag of sweet potato chips (a little lower in carbs and less oily, yeah, ok, I’m totally justifying it here) and there was still about 3 oz of slightly stale chips left in the bag – perfect for this recipe.

The verdict? I liked the simplicity of eggs, sweet potatoes, and herbs. Sweet potato chips are lower in salt than regular chips, so I could have been more generous with the salt seasoning. Overall I thought the dish was good. As an hors d’oeuvre, I would likely top the small squares with something zesty like a bit of cheese, sausage or a cured ham. And I may have left the tortilla under the broiler for a minute too long, but I like toasty brown egg dishes so it worked well for me. The chips brought the half tortilla I ate for dinner to around 20 carbs for a serving – not great but quite acceptable. The orange flecks of sweet potato brightened up the cut wedge – you would never have known they started as leftover chips.


  • The tortilla was cooked in a 8 inch cast iron pan.
  • Given my thoughts about onions the past few weeks, I used green onions and lightly cooked them and the garlic in the olive oil before adding the egg/chip/herb mixture.
  • The herbs were a mixture of flat leaf parsley and cilantro that I had on hand, thanks to Sarah who handed over her fridge leftovers before leaving town. Gracias!

Somewhat unrelated, but I am very excited to be getting new floors next week in the living area of our house (which includes the kitchen). After looking at many options, we are going with a product that lays out strips of dark stained textured cork that look very much like “distressed” wood planks. It looks beautiful and is also softer on the feet and back – great  for standing and cooking. The blog may be quiet the next week and weekend while we pack and move things out of our living/eating rooms, move it all back, finish up a few renovation projects (um, yes, the bathroom still does not have a workign light fixture, but the giant hole is patched and painted) and decorate before the holidays. Let’s hope there are a few nice trees left Christmas Eve, or we are going to be Charlie Brown-ing it. Creme brulee is next up on the FFwD list and eagerly anticipated since I heard my neighbor got a butane torch – if you don’t see it next week, look for the results the following week.

Merry Christmas to those celebrating it!


About Tasty Mayhem

Love to eat, cook, write. Try to think of witty things to say about the world but my thoughts are consumed by food. Mostly.
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12 Responses to French Fridays with Dorie: Potato Chip Tortilla

  1. Eileen says:

    Yay for new floors! Your tortilla looks great–like a loaf of something. Love that rich brown color. It makes my eyes happy. Neat idea to use sweet potato chips. I’ll have to keep an eye out for those. They sound tasty.


  2. Cher says:

    Good luck with the rennovations.
    Sweet potato chips = sweet idea.
    I wish I had cooked my onions a little before mixing them in. It would have imbibed some much needed flavor.
    have a great weekend.


  3. Sweet potatoes sound like an awesome addition! Hope the renovations go well and that you are able to have a wonderful holiday season. The new floors sounds great – you have to post a photo! Happy Holidays!


  4. Yummy! I would love your sweet potato chip version!


  5. Woohoo to new floor! You totally put a smile on my face when you wrote you may have to Charlie Brown it. I hope you’ll find a lovely tree. I love sweet potato and would be curious to try it next time.


  6. Jill says:

    This looks awesome, and I think you browned it to perfection. I was so sure I was going to make this recipe, but it didn’t happen. Oh well; reading others’ reviews of the recipes helps me know what to bookmark to make in the future.

    Your floors sound awesome! And I’m happy that you’re going to give a leftover tree a good home. I saw a tree lot today and was already sad for the trees that were still there.


  7. Betsy says:

    Sweet potato chips? Brilliant! I hope your renovations go smoothly. Happy Holidays!


  8. Simply love the golden brown color of your tortilla. And using sweet potato chips sounds delicious!


  9. Looks delicious. I love sweet potato chips so I bet they would be a great addition. Though, to be honest, I love chips of almost all varieties which is why they are normally not allowed in the house, way too tempting.


  10. Kathy says:

    OOOH, I love that you used sweet potato chips…I would bet that it tasted delicious! I might have to try this soon.


  11. patty says:

    Love the look of your browned tortilla and the idea of sweet potato chips inside is very appealing, I’m sure they tasted great! I wonder how the root veggie chips might work, the colors would be pretty. Enjoy your new floors;-)


  12. Your tortilla looks great and we can’t deprive ourselves from everything aren’t we? Certainly not if cooking with Dorie. The creme brulee is even worse for the waist, but (I just made it) incredibly delicious. Have fun with your creme brulee and a Merry christmas to you.


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