Everything Takes Longer Than You Think

A year ago I was unemployed and imagining my time would be spent cooking, reading the cookbooks I’d collected over the years but never used, photographing food, and writing about what new dishes were on our menu, all while I worked around the house and looked for work (ha!). Stashed away in my files is the soon to be published year old inaugural post featuring a new use for an incredible amount of swiss chard from our community supported agriculture box. And then things just got away from me…so many books…so many projects…and then a new job…

So, a year later here it is: a spot to write about what I’m cooking, eating, and thinking about food.  As a former food professional, much of my time is still spent dreaming up new things to cook, but like everyone else I get into ruts, rotating the same 5 or 6 dishes over and over and months go by without picking up a new recipe. Here’s to adding a bit of tasty mayhem to my life: finding new things to cook and eat, checking out what others a doing with food, exploring fresh local foods, and seeing what happens when kitchen meets ingredients meets blog.

So what exactly do I eat and cook?

What don’t I eat is more the question (and the range of pant sizes in my closet may be all the answer that question needs). At home we mostly eat lower carb; I’ve been doing so since around 2002 and its had great health benefits for our household. We eat tons of vegetables and as a former vegetarian please know there will be much to love in this blog that contains no meat. But we do eat meat. My favorite cookbook of late is just called that, “Meat.” We stay away from the white stuff when we can: refined flours, sugars, potatoes are not on our regular menu.  Having said that, I still bake and make deserts, sometimes the regular way and sometimes lower carb.

My food priorities are this: from scratch cooking, fresh ingredients, organic and/or local when possible, low or lower carb much of the time. Learning something new and maybe not having it quite work out right. Sharing old standby recipes. Except when what I’m eating or cooking looks nothing like that. Hence the mayhem. If that’s not your thing, check out some of my links (when they get added): lots of good writing and good food there regardless of whether or not it fits exactly into my niche.

Welcome to Tasty Mayhem, hope you find it worth the wait!


About Tasty Mayhem

Love to eat, cook, write. Try to think of witty things to say about the world but my thoughts are consumed by food. Mostly.
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2 Responses to Everything Takes Longer Than You Think

  1. stefi25 says:

    Sounds like fun… nothing wrong with a little mayhem! 🙂 Good luck!!


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